HW19soln - ! 'i'M—l—mrymj W 'l'ahlc-Gmup ! 9.1:} L'ach...

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Unformatted text preview: ! 'i'M—l—mrymj W 'l'ahlc-Gmup ! 9.1:} L'ach him-k weighs 200 1b. Bctween all of the contacting flurl'accs. m = D. I. What is the largest force F [hell can be applied witlmul causing black 5' to slip upwaxd‘? F c. I x ME, AW flint:— F" 3 FM MINCE “at: -#———;'- L.|M1T' 01: No 144011516: -—'_'— ____. _..__..— ___._—-—-— 9.123 The wcight nf‘hlnck A is H". The disk is suppnned by a 5mmth hearing. The cncfiiciem of kinetic friclinn hulwufln the disk and the belt is y... What couple M is news-saw In turn the disk 111:1 constant mic“? mam-%4 F H can V5.5- (51,3 r aft . r V a " 1 9J3] The cuefiicient ntxtatie lrietinn between [he Sfl-Ih bin: and the inclined fitlT‘fflCE is FL] [1. The coefficient of statie frietien between the rope and the fixed cylinder is £1.05. Determine the force the wnmatn must exert (tn the rnpe to cause the link In Mart nun‘ing up the inclined tsurl'uce. 9.132 In thlent 9.13lr what is the minimum three the wnmun must exert tll'l the rope tn hnld the hm: in equilibrium cm the inclined Hurlhce? er!“ i. Ci ” ,e . 1"; 52:3? figéfizflfiEY—‘alfl‘S—OSMZO 3:: Hgfifir1mlr+‘lfi : Ff! +T,stL If -- EEC-alto 3:. gm ELL-LG :0 7 Et—“f E +T;5tl. 35"Fflcaxe field-€- : A? 6min”l ‘ [FEE-:9 ' TL: l: : Zbrl‘l Ha "I"; 14,35” ...
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HW19soln - ! 'i'M—l—mrymj W 'l'ahlc-Gmup ! 9.1:} L'ach...

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