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McCue S 213 Fall 07 REVIEW GUIDE EXAM #5 Review These will be appx. 10-15 questions taken directly from previous exams Deviance - difference - from the norm Positive or negative High consensus (“real“), low consensus (“labeling“) Varies over time The Wilding of America Chapters 6-10 Ch 6 - problems with the church, democracy Ch 7 - children, schools, Texan justice - big business, prison stats, political wilding Ch 8 - Iraq - Halliburton, Bechtel, war on terrorism
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Unformatted text preview: Ch 9 – Katrina – another collapse of civil society, media wilding, preventable (spending cuts), price gouging, disaster capitalism, rebuilding contracts & politics (80% non-local) Ch 10- focus on solutions - civil society, communitarianism, new bill of rights, a new, new deal Marketplace economy vs. social marketplace economy - why does German version support the social marketplace economy? Japan vs. Europe, Social activism...
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