OB-Group paper

OB-Group paper - The position of the CEO in America today...

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positions of authority are hard to achieve and many factors determine the likelihood of such success is very low. The sacrifices, difficulty, stress, risks, responsibilities, skills, training, education, physical effort, and abilities are elements of importance in determining a Chief Executive Offers salary. There can be many justifications for the large amount of compensation CEO’s receive based on the success and performance of CEO. This can be determined by analyzing the physical effort exerted by the would be applicant, the contribution to the firm, the amount of ability, skill, or training the job requires, its degree of difficulty, stress and pressure, dangerousness, the risk associated with the position of authority, or unpleasantness, and degree of responsibility are all characteristics and accomplishments that determine a capitalist economy and the chance for success. Corporations and board members use these factors to determine a CEO’s pay. Although the CEO’s role in the business is not usually dangerous, it can be a considered a hefty source of stress. It is believed that CEOs are more susceptible to stress-related illness and burnout than average workers. According to one study CEOs work on average 13 hours per day, which includes time spent traveling to meetings. The CEO’s job is also difficult in the sense that it requires the performance of a variety of complex tasks, such as negotiating deals, processing information, and meeting with subordinates and clients in leadership and ceremonial roles. The fact that CEOs exert noteworthy power within dominant organizations means that their jobs have high degrees of responsibility. Decisions they make about budgets and personnel can affect thousands of people’s lives. What does it take to perform this job? Most CEOs have some formal education and many years of experience. Over 90% have college degrees; 50% hold 1
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OB-Group paper - The position of the CEO in America today...

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