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Art History 101 Term Paper For my essay I decided to compose it on the artwork of Frederico Armijo’s, “Formas al Cielo.” In English this can be translated to “forms to the sky.” This installment was completed in 1989 and is located southeast of Scholes Hall at the University of New Mexico campus. This piece of art is three-dimensional and an installation with the process of an assemblage of elements. It is a part of a Sculpture in Public Places exhibition in the late 1980’s and was selected by a jury to be bought through the State of New Mexico 1% for Art program. The materials used to complete this piece consisted of metal and stone, furthermore it is marble and steel. The subject matter of the artwork can be defined as referring to the environment. Although it was extremely difficult to research information pertaining to this piece of art according to artist, Frederico Armijo, Formas al Cielo refers to “an alter piece pointing toward the sky.” This is a statement I found myself agreeing with upon examining this inspiring work. As I walked along the sidewalk I saw a slab of what appears to be a part of a ruined building leaning backwards directing itself towards the heavens, but in reality an alter piece with a steel beam passing through the left part of the marble next to the triangular window. 1
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This note was uploaded on 04/27/2008 for the course ARTH 101 taught by Professor Robertson during the Spring '08 term at New Mexico.

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art term paper - Eric Wade Art History 101 Term Paper For...

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