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Native Questions - Cherokee Questions 1. What are the "5...

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Cherokee Questions 1. What are the “5 civilized tribes” and who was the largest of them? Cherokee (largest), Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole 2. If the Great Buzzard created the world for the Cherokee, who was/is “Grandmother spider?” She was responsible for bringing the Sun to the West part of the world in a clay pot. She is responsible for bringing the Sun, pottery, and fire. 3. What kind of family organization did the Cherokee have? Matrilineal, matrilocal, matriclan exogamy 4. Why does a Cherokee Council lodge have 7 sides and what significance does a red or white flag mean? For the 7 clans, and for the red and white moieties (peace and war) 5. What is the relationship between the Trail of Tears, the Indian Removal Act (1830) and the Treaty of New Echota? All dealt with the forced relocation to Oklahoma (Indian Territory). The treaty was signed under the provisions of the 1830 IRA, and the actions of the Ridge allies led to the trail of tears 6. Where are most Cherokee found today? Oklahoma 7. Prior to relocation, where was the Cherokee capital established? New Echota 8. What is the distinction between Cherokee bands and, particularly, the Western Cherokee and Cherokee Nation as a whole? Those in Oklahoma are the descendants of Indians who migrated, and the Cherokee in North Carolina are descendants of those who stayed or fled and did not endure the trail of tears. 9. Why are there federally unrecognized Cherokee today? The government did not recognize the Eastern Cherokees who stayed in North Carolina after the federally-mandated relocation to the Indian Territory. Their land was bought for them and thus is not technically a “reservation” and they have no burden of proof in terms of identity or blood. 10. Who was the first chosen head of the Cherokee in the 1820s? John Ross 11. Who are the three traitors and why are they called such? Major Ridge, John Ridge and Elias Boudinot – They were signatories to the Treaty of New Echota 12. Who was responsible for developing the Cherokee writing system and what was it called? Sequoyah, Cherokee Syllabary
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Native Questions - Cherokee Questions 1. What are the "5...

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