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BenchmarksKeyConcepts s08

BenchmarksKeyConcepts s08 - NOTE THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT...

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NOTE: THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO MINOR UPDATES Benchmarks for Earth Science Topics Benchmarks Wetlands Ocean Currents Glaciers Eclipses Ecosystems HS 5: Describe how carbon and soil nutrients cycle through selected ecosystems. X Hydrosphere EL2: Trace the path that rain water follows after it falls X Hydrosphere MS 3: Explain how water exists below the earth’s surface and how it is replenished. X Hydrosphere HS 1: Identify and describe some regional watersheds X Hydrosphere HS 2: Describe how human activities affect the quality of water in the hydrosphere. X Atmosphere HS 1: Explain how interactions of the atmosphere, hydro- sphere, and geosphere create climates and how climates change over time. X X Atmosphere HS 2: Describe patterns of air movement in the atmosphere and how they affect weather conditions. X Geosphere HS 1: Explain the surface features of the Great Lakes region using Ice Age theory. X Geosphere HS 2: Use the plate tectonics theory to explain features of the earth’s surface and geological phenomena and describe evidence for the plate tectonics theory. Solar System EL 2: Describe the motion of each around the sun and the moon around the earth X Solar System MS 2:
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Describe, compare, and explain the motions of solar system objects. X X X Solar System HS 3: Explain how stars and planetary systems form and how stars produce energy. X Key Concepts: Carbon dioxide, streams, rivers, lakes, ocean, run-off, wetlands, snowmelt, water table, saturate, filtration, watershed, agricultural run-off, manufacturing, fishing, global warming, industrial waste, nutrient levels, sewage, inland, coastal, bogs, swamps, marsh, riparian, fens, role of effects of latitude, upwelling, down
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BenchmarksKeyConcepts s08 - NOTE THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT...

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