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Megan Thie SME 301, section 003 January 17, 2008 Big Idea Activity- Peroxide- Chemical Change Materials: peroxide in a cup Thermometer Small piece of liver Directions: record the temperature of the peroxide Add the liver to the peroxide and observe using many senses Record the temperature of the peroxide again Using your senses of sight and sound, what happened? I heard fizzing and saw bubbles forming. We saw a rise in temperature from 63 degrees to 76 degrees. Why did this happen? There was a chemical reaction between the liver and the peroxide in which the peroxide broke the bonds of the liver. The breaking of the bonds produced the bi-products of oxygen (for the bubbles) and heat (for the change in temperature. Using your sense of touch, what happened? The liver fell apart, and sort of broke into smaller pieces.
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Unformatted text preview: Why did this happen? The peroxide broke down the bonds in the liver and caused a physical bi-product. What is the related Big Idea? #6 Matter can undergo physical changes in which its appearance and physical properties change, but its chemical composition stays the same. Matter can undergo a chemical change in which in which its chemical composition changes due to the breaking and forming of new molecules. Name and explain one other real world example of this big idea. An example of a chemical change would be when you put bleach on a stain; the molecules in the stain are broken up due to the chemical reaction of the bleach. The molecules break apart and atoms form news bonds with the atoms from the stain....
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