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Psyc 4070 Class 2 notes - To describe development o Science...

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To describe development o Science focuses on typical patterns (Normative data) and then individual variations in those patterns (Ideographic data) Wide varies of methods to collect data o Self-reports, direct observations, and case studies o Intensive investigation of one individual rather than small bits about a lot of people o Controlled experiments among other methods Research Design o Plan how to conduct experiments (evaluate a hypothesis) Hypothesis o Educated guesses, states casual relationship between 2 variables (some 3 or more) o Independent Variable (IV) causes the dependent variable to change o Dependent Variable (DV) depends on the independent variable Controlled experiment o Control things so only IV changes, then we’re sure IV causes the DV (behavior) to change o If at the end the groups are different indicate the change o Even if the experiment is done perfectly, there is still a .05 chance of error (alpha level) Hypotheses - change in the IV causes the DV to change Developmental Hypothesis o States causal relationship between 2 variables were IV is usually age o Ex: Increase in age causes an increase in intelligence o Developmental research design o Plan for experiment to evaluate a developmental hypothesis- how people change with age Operationalize o Must define what age is and what intelligence is. Define your terms o Age is = to grade level o Intelligence = score on an intelligence test o Cross-sectional Moe 2 nd IQ 60
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Larry 4 th IQ 72 Curly 6 th IQ 89 This supports the hypothesis with only 3 data points, yet there is strength in numbers and better to compare the means of the classes than individual comparisons. The more people the better the experiment o Longitudinal Design o Moe 2 nd IQ 60 o Moe 4 th IQ 68 o Moe 6 th IQ 80 Still it is better to look at the mean averages of Moe’s class. Yet it costs a lot of money to keep testing Moe’s class. Problems occur over the years when classmates leave, if it is complete it must be thrown out called Subject mortality Why not use cross-sectional designs for everything if they are quick cheap and simple? They do not measure people over time.
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Psyc 4070 Class 2 notes - To describe development o Science...

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