Psyc 4070 Class 3 notes

Psyc 4070 Class 3 notes - 2-11-2008What factors determine...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-11-2008What factors determine or influence development?Many theories will either go on one side or anotheroNature- (genetics) says things like enrichment programs dont work. Genes determine how smart you can beoNurture- (environment) Head Start says if we enrich the environment with children at risk, then they will start school with the same tools as children with good backgroundsoIf Early experience is vital to development then problems must be taken car of earlyoIf early development is not the only important stage, then you can help at any stageoThe new, better way is to think with the I nteractionist theoryoSays both are important, developmental changes is multidirectional, multidimensional and plasticoGenetics and environment interact and the individual is shaped by and actively shapes their environmentI nteractionist principaloMultidirectionality- people can go forward and backwardoDevelopment is not always point a to point boMultidimensionality- multiple processes occur in developmentoDevelopment in one area (social development) can effect areas of other developmentoPlasticity- ones unique interactions with ones environment alter developmentPrincipals of Human DevelopmentoDevelopment is a joint product of nature and nurtureoThose who favor heredity, the evolutionary perspective, behaviors that enhance survival increase, behaviors that hinder survival decreaseoThose who favor environment, the learning perspective, show how we learn survivaloGenotype influences the environments that you choose, and the environment turns your genes on and offoPhysical, Cognitive and socioemotionaldevelopment are interrelatedoA person develops as a wholenot just one part at a timeoIssues arise when you try to break them down as occurring one at a timeoDevelopmental outcomes change over time and contextsoDevelopmentalists try to explain how early influences relate to who you are later in life(ex: how is a childs life changed by a trauma at birth?)oThere is no one specific answer and it depends on the environment and the particular developmental stageThis is because the relationships between causes and effects change depending upon the childs age and environmentoAt age 3 anoxics score lower but by 7 they test the sameoThe washout effectis where the trauma is lessened over timeBelieved the effects of Project Head Start tend to washout...
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Psyc 4070 Class 3 notes - 2-11-2008What factors determine...

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