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Psyc 3082 Ch 5 - 1 Chapter 5 Outline Somataform and...

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1 Chapter 5 Outline Somataform and Dissociative Disorders PSYC 3082 1) Somatoform Disorders a) Characterized by the presence of somatic symptoms that suggest a medical problem with no medical or physical reason for the symptoms 2) Hypochondriasis a) Proccupation with fears of having a serious illness or disease b) Misinterpretation of bodily symptoms c) Medical reassurance does not seem to help d) Duration at least 6 months e) Causes distress or impairment f) Specifier: with poor insight g) Onset can be any age h) Runs a chronic course 3) Hypochondriasis: Causes a) Cognitive perceptual distortions b) Familial history of illness 4) Hypochondriasis: Treatment a) Challenge illness-related misinterpretations b) Show clients how to induce physical symptoms c) Stress management 5) Somatization Disorder a) Extended history of physical complaints before age 30 b) At some point in course, must have reported certain symptoms c) After appropriate investigation, the symptoms cannot be explained by a medical condition d) Concern about the symptoms, not what they might mean e) Symptoms become the person’s identity f) Statistics i) Rare condition ii) Onset usually in adolescence iii) Mostly affects unmarried, low SES women
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Psyc 3082 Ch 5 - 1 Chapter 5 Outline Somataform and...

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