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Psyc 3082 Ch 6 - 1 Chapter 6 Outline Mood Disorders PSYC...

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1 Chapter 6 Outline Mood Disorders PSYC 3082 1) Overview of Mood Disorders a) Gross Deviations in Mood b) Depression: “The Low” i) The “Common Cold” of Mental Illness c) Mania: “The High” i) Abnormally Exaggerated Elation, Joy, or Euphoria 2) Nature of Mood Disorders 3) Unipolar Depression a) Low state marked by significant i) Sadness ii) Lack of energy iii) Low self-worth iv) Guilt v) Anhedonia - loss of enjoyment/interest b) In the absence of mania (or history of mania) 4) Major Depressive Episode a) 2 weeks or more b) 5 or more symptoms from DSM i) At least 1 must be either sadness or anhedonia c) Not due to substance abuse, medical problem, or bereavement d) Cause impairment in functioning e) 5 Areas Affected i) Emotions ii) Motivation iii) Behavior iv) Cognition/Thinking v) Physical State 5) Major Depressive Disorder a) Clinical Description i) At least 1 Major depressive episode ii) No history of mania iii) Single or Recurrent Episode b) i) Mean Age of Onset is 25 Years ii) Length of Episode Varies iii) Remission is Common iv) Risk of Suicide 6) Dysthymia a) Similar to Major Depression BUT with a Different Course b) Symptoms are Milder c) Symptoms can Last 20-30+ Years
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2 d) Persistently Depressed Mood for 2+ Years e) Cannot be Symptom Free > 2 Months 7) Double Depression a) Suffer From Both Major Depression Episodes and Dysthymic Disorder b) Dysthymia Usually Begins First c) Associated With Severe Pathology 8) Depression Etiology: Biological a) Genetic predisposition i)
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Psyc 3082 Ch 6 - 1 Chapter 6 Outline Mood Disorders PSYC...

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