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Psyc 3082 Ch 8 - 1 Chapter 8 Outline Eating and Sleep...

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1 Chapter 8 Outline Eating and Sleep Disorders PSYC 3082 1) Two Main Types of Eating Disorders a) Anorexia Nervosa b) Bulimia Nervosa 2) Bulimia Nervosa a) Clinical Description i) Binging (1) Eat Large Amounts of Food (2) Eating is Out of Control ii) Compensatory Behaviors (1) Purging via self-induced vomiting (2) Laxatives, diuretics (3) Exercise b) Subtypes c) Associated Features d) High comorbidity with other DSM Disorders e) Paradoxically, Purging is an Inefficient Means to Reduce Weight f) Closely Related to Binge-Eating Disorder g) Facts and Statistics i) 90-95% are Women ii) White; Middle-to-Upper Middle Class iii) Onset 16-19 Years of Age iv) 6-8% College Women v) About 2.8% Population Overall vi) Chronic if Left Untreated 3) Anorexia Nervosa a) Morbid Fear of i) Gaining Weight ii) Losing Control Over Eating b) Deliberate Weight Loss i) 15% Below Expected Normal c) Life-Threatening Consequences d) Two Subtypes e) Restricting Type i) Excessive Dieting f) Binge-Eating-Purging Type i) Rely on Purging ii) About Half of All Cases iii) More Impulsive Behavior g) Medical Consequences – Amenorrhea, Dry Skin, Brittle Hair or Nails, Sensitivity to Cold, Lanugo (starvation instinct), Heart Problems, Electrolyte Imbalance h) Associated Features and Facts
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2 i) Begins Early in Adolescence ii) Perfectionistic High-Achievers iii) All-or-None Thinking iv) Obsessive and Orderly v) Comorbid DSM Disorders (1) Obsessive-compulsive disorder (2) Substance abuse 4) a) Both start with intense dieting b) Both have fear of being fat c) Both have distortion of body weight d) Experience depression and anxiety e) Both have a degree of low self-esteem
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Psyc 3082 Ch 8 - 1 Chapter 8 Outline Eating and Sleep...

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