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Brandon Carson Manuscript Speech Professor Latzoo April 14 th , 2008 President Truman’s State of the Union Address, 1945 The day of April 12, 1945 was a day that would be remembered in America for years to come. On this terrible day, one of the greatest presidents of all time, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, passed away after having a massive stroke. In a time where the safety of the United States and the world were in the midst of a terrible war, World War II, the nation called for a strong leader (Franklin). A leader who would not only fight for the country, but support the grieving families of those who had passed away during the war was immensely needed. The nation thus called on President Truman, a well known and dedicated man. One day after FDR was laid to rest, President Truman gave a speech that would shape the world as we know it. His State of the Union Address in 1945 showed America that they have made the right choice for President. Truman made a well rehearsed and thought out eulogy for the past President, as well as a strong voice about America continuing in the war until every single aggressor was defeated. He showed that President FDR would never be forgotten after declaring war and that he would not give up until FDR’s war was won. Not for Truman, not for the United States, but for President FDR. The way to win the war, Truman stressed, was to research advanced technological weapons that would give the United States the upper hand in the war. Thus, President Truman stressed the continuance of the Manhattan Project (Pres).
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Manuscript Speech - Brandon Carson Manuscript Speech...

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