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Chapter Two – Renaissance and Reformation I. Renaissance: the cause of the Scientific Revolution A. The Scientific Revolution can not be explained without reference to the Renaissance. B. The Renaissance was a historical event that resulted from a huge range of causal factors. C. The Renaissance led to the beginnings of the awareness of cultural relativism. 1. Customs, manners, and beliefs of life could be as civilized as the Christian culture itself. 2. Voyages of discovery were made possible by three Renaissance items: the magnetic compass, gun powder, and the printing press. D. The Renaissance stimulated the increasing concern with history and locating oneself. 1. Study of humanity focused upon achievements and potentials of man. 2. It revived what was taken to be unsurpassed. 3. Humanists emphasized the importance of active life for the common good. 4. Soon people turned their attention to philosophy. a. Mathematics began to be taken more seriously as a result.
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