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Test 2 Study Guide.360 fall

Test 2 Study Guide.360 fall - Mood disorders-Symptoms of...

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Psychology 360, Fall 2007 Test 2 Study Guide Test info: 75 points total , 50 multiple choice , 25 points of short answers (4-5 questions) Stress -definition of stressors and stress response -What kind of stressors are most difficult -mechanisms by which stress impairs physical health -related treatments* Anxiety disorders - definition of anxiety, fear, and panic -Descriptions of each anxiety disorder (including PTSD and ASD) -Demographic differences for these disorders (gender only) -major risk factors -comorbidity -Theories and treatments* Somatoform and dissociative disorders -description of somatization -description and forms of dissociation -Descriptions of each somatoform and dissociative disorder -Demographic differences for these disorders (gender only) -major risk factors -comorbidity -Theories and treatments*
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Unformatted text preview: Mood disorders-Symptoms of depressive and manic episodes-Descriptions of each mood disorder-Demographic differences for these disorders (gender, age, ethnicity)-major risk factors-comorbidity-Theories and treatments* -Suicide: risk factors, demographic differences Eating disorders-descriptions of anorexia and bulimia (including subtypes)-physical consequences of these disorders-Demographic differences for these disorders (gender only)-major risk factors-comorbidity-Theories and treatments* *In general, focus on knowing the theories really well. As for treatments, focus on learning the new treatments that weren’t taught in the earlier part of the course (so, all the new drug information and any other treatment that is NOT something I’ve already tested you on)....
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