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Christianity and Judaism Paper

Christianity and Judaism Paper - Brandon Carson First Paper...

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Brandon Carson First Paper There are many unclear answers to why the world is the way it is. People try to come up with their own explanations, but new questions arise to baffle their solutions. Throughout the history of the world, people have always searched for a new meaning, a new answer to their many questions. While many of these questions remain unsolved, humans always question the meaning of their existence, which is a very skeptical topic to study. Why are we here? What are we meant to do in life? What is in the world to come? These are all questions that human beings propose in order to have a better understanding of the world. The questions all relate to one main field of view. This is the field of religion. When it comes to the concept of religion, there are three main questions to be answered. These questions are as follows: why is there anything rather than nothing, who is the Human Person, and how should the Human Person act? The first question that must be addressed before looking into any other question is “why is there anything rather than nothing?” There has to be something that created us or nothing would exist today. Christianity and Judaism both believe that there must be some influence in the world that made it the way that it is. To both of these religions, the answer to who made the world is God. As author David Tracy states in his article, “In description of God in Judaism and Christianity…one finds a whole cluster of metaphors ranging from father, lord, shepherd, and king to…light, truth, love, and wisdom” (95). Here Tracy shows that both religions believe in a God, whatever his real name really is, and that in turn, he was the creator of the world because he is referred to as “father” and “lord”. Although the two religions both believe that yes there is something in the world, they go about explaining it in different ways. In Christianity, for example, it was said
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that the world was created because of the love of God. According to Ludwig, “This world is entirely God’s creature, dependent on God for the gift of being and life” and that this “love is seen in Jesus Christ” (422).
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Christianity and Judaism Paper - Brandon Carson First Paper...

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