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three strikes - Stephen Durant October 25th 2007 Professor...

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Stephen Durant October 25 th 2007 Professor Gebo Seminar in Criminology and Law “Three Strikes and Your Out” The three strikes policy is presently a hot topic in the CJS. The topic is debated heavily throughout the entire CJS system. Although I believe in the three strikes policy, I think that there are some changes that need to be made to the current crimes encompassed in the policy. I feel that if criminals are going to keep recidivating, then they should be punished. I was able to find many articles opposing the three strikes law, but virtually none supporting the issue. The three strikes law was implemented to thwart recidivating. The current problem is that a criminal can receive a punishment of twenty five years to life, if they get caught shoplifting while they have previous felonies. I will argue that the three strikes law is a good policy that needs some enhancement. The three strikes law was first implemented during an era of “get tough on crime”. The fact that it was implemented during this time could be the reason why some of the laws included in this policy are currently failing. Many governors chose to implement this law so that the citizens would see that they were serious about crime. They did not realize the amount of money that it would cost to keep these inmates incarcerated for the amount of time outlined in the law. The politicians that created these laws wanted to have all the power in the legal system. What they could not predict was that members of the courtroom workgroup would still be using discretion in cases. Also,
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Durant 2 the police officers patrolling the streets were using discretion heavily in cases where they knew the criminals already had strikes against them. It is common knowledge that all
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three strikes - Stephen Durant October 25th 2007 Professor...

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