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Stephen Durant Seminar in Criminology and Law Prof Gebo Sentencing debate Mandatory sentencing should be enforced regardless of race, gender or class. Certain laws, such as the drug sentencing laws, need to be reformed because they do discriminate against “cheap” drug users. Determinate sentencing should be considered in certain cases because most laws do not allow for consideration of special situations. The three strikes law is great because it punishes criminals that have failed to reform severely. The case study states that crime rates were down for the crimes that carried a mandatory sentence. These numbers are erroneous because officers are able to use discretion and were less likely to arrest a criminal facing life for his third felony. This should be analyzed because they committed crimes and should be duly punished for that. I do not think that it is possible to ensure that reforms are implemented because of the many different organizations involved in the trial and sentencing of a criminal.
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Unformatted text preview: I believe that the mandatory sentencing laws are good for the CJS. The only discrepancy I have with the mandatory sentencing laws is that the judge should be able to use determinant sentencing in special cases. I remember seeing a case on T.V. where a 18 year old male was sentenced to jail for 10 years and had to register as a level 3 sex offender because he had consensual oral sex with a 17 year old girl. These types of cases need to be reviewed carefully before an innocent person’s life is ruined. We should be using indeterminate sentencing for violent offenders and repeat offenders, and restorative justice for non-violent offenders. The conservative approach would be to lock the criminals up. The liberal approach would be to reform them. I believe in mandatory sentencing, but I also believe that some of the laws that surround these sentencing need to be reformed....
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