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The Fifties Final Study Guide

The Fifties Final Study Guide - Eisenhower presidency...

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Eisenhower presidency - president from 1953 to 1961 - “New Look” - was the last president born in the 19 th century - went to WestPoint - served in WWI - he did not see combat - served under MacCarthur and Marshall - Became a war hero - Chief of Staff at Columbia - Democrats tried to recruit him - He decided he wanted to be a Republican - He thought it was his duty to run for president (he didn’t really want to be president) - He used television to get into office - He kept the US out of nuclear war - He was calming, reassuring and people friendly - Some of his accomplishments o National Defense Highway Act o National Defense Educational Act o Kept a balance budget when he had pressure to increase spending on National Defense o He left the New Deal alone Adlai Stevenson - Governor of Illinois - He was an intellectual - He was the democratic candidate against Eisenhower - He probably would have been President if Eisenhower didn’t enter the race - He didn’t use television like Eisenhower did “Hidden hand” president - Eisenhower would play golf and take vacations, he was never really at the White House - He used other people in his cabinet to do the things might reflect bad on him (when something might be a bad move him politically he would have someone else do it for him) o The Secretary of State was the bad cop and Eisenhower was the good cop - Fred Grenstein deemed the term “hidden hand” o Eisenhower always had the final say in major decisions - Eisenhower tried to avoid headlines
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- was the threat that Eisenhower used which was an extension of the containment from Truman - if another nation was under attack by a communist then the US would respond with an all out war John Foster Dulles - He was the head of the CIA - He ran the coup in both Iran and Guatemala - He was very outgoing socially - People trusted him to run these secret operations, even though they had no idea what he was doing - He was offered a job on the Board of the United Fruit Company, for helping them in Guatemala the “New Look” - The name of Eisenhower’s campaign - Involved liberation and rollback - Nuclear Deterrence - Massive retaliation - Reduce troop levels Korean war armistice - Eisenhower ended the War by dividing Korea at the 38th parallel - If Truman settled for this he would have been considered a failure China/Taiwan crises - since China was communist it drove out the nationalist party to Taiwan - about a million nationalists escaped - Taiwan and China occasionally bombed each other - China began to attack the islands between Taiwan and the mainland - The US saw this as communists attacking another country (but they were not sure if the islands were apart of Taiwan or China) - The US threatened to go to war with China if they attacked Taiwan, but didn’t specify whether or not they would attack because of the islands - China backed down because they did not want a war with the US Dien Bien Phu - He was the general for Indochina, which is now Vietnam
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The Fifties Final Study Guide - Eisenhower presidency...

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