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Social Psych Study Guide~Exam 3

Social Psych Study Guide~Exam 3 - Social Psych Study Guide...

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Social Psych Study Guide ~ Exam 3 Transgeneration Lucas - Preparing to start hormones - He started to cut down on smoking, going to therapy, and talking to friends about his transitioning - His parents have been divorced since he was 9 - Lives in Oklahoma - Told his mom about the hormones first because he think she is more caring and understanding - Mother is reading a book about transsexuals to understand more about Lucas - Doesn’t know what to say to others because she use to have a daughter, but now she has a son - Lucas’s brother is fine with his transitioning, he doesn’t think it is weird - GID psychiatric disorder - Doesn’t want pictures of him as a girl, so he doesn’t like any of his childhood pictures - Watched family videos with his mom - Mom before wanted him to change his mind & change back to Leah, but now she knows she has 2 sons - He goes to vote, he has not legally changed his name yet - Doesn’t want to change everything because he doesn’t want to loose his family - He forgot his Dad’s birthday and felt really bad - He wants to get his dad a present for his Bday - He wants to have the “talk” with his dad - He wants his dad to know that he is not doing this to go against him and he doesn’t want any hostility between them - Friend Kasey documents Lucas’s transition on hormones to see the changes - Lucas decides to tell his dad that he is starting to take the time to make changes to become a mail through a letter - Dad comes to visit him @ Smith College - 1 st time seeing Lucas with the hormone treatment - Him and his dad are going to talk to him about his transition - Dad thinks that Lucas is afraid to talk to him about the transition because his dad was a disciplinary figure in his life - Dad thought that Lucas was a beautiful girl - Dad tells Lucas that college is a time for exploring and self-determination - Dad felt sorry that his child had a “birth defect” - Dad started to mourn the death of a child when he found out about the transition (Leah, a.k.a Lucas, was very close to him) - Dad realizes his daughter grew up to be a man, has the memories of Leah - He originally didn’t like the name Lucas - Lucas is graduating so he has to say good bye to Kacey – says Kacey is his best friend, really upsetting that they are separating
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- Dad is really proud of Lucas graduating, he says Lucas teaches him a lot about life, hopes to be really close with Lucas - He quits smoking - Goes to work at a research facility in Boston Gabby - Has been on full-time hormone treatment for 6 months - Hormones can give but can not take (meaning the hormones aren’t going to get rid of her deep voice, but they will give her breasts) - She has a decreased sex drive when on hormones - Still a virgin because she has a penis, she does not feel any connection with that body part - She is talked about at school - She is very open about her transsexuality - Her SRS is 15,500 (not covered by insurance) - Met a friend named Cate, who is transgendered (male to female) - Cate took a while to think about who she is, didn’t transition as fast as Gabby,
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Social Psych Study Guide~Exam 3 - Social Psych Study Guide...

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