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Social Psychology Study Guide~Exam 2

Social Psychology Study Guide~Exam 2 - Social Psychology...

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Social Psychology Study Guide ~ Exam 2 Transgeneration TJ - Loves college for life, allow people to see themselves - He wants to transition, but he takes inconsideration his mom and sister - Created Drag King - He had one boyfriend when he was a girl - Family sees his transition as shame, most shameful to mother - Wants to talk to his mom about his transsexuality - Writes a letter to his mom and sister - Wants to take testosterone and get chest surgery - Tells his mom that she won’t have to worry about it right away, TJ wants to giver her time - He wants his mom to accept him for who he is. Gabby - Has been on full-time hormone treatment for 6 months - Hormones can give but can not take (meaning the hormones aren’t going to get rid of her deep voice, but they will give her breasts) - She has a decreased sex drive when on hormones - Still a virgin because she has a penis, she does not feel any connection with that body part - She is talked about at school - She is very open about her transsexuality - Her SRS is 15,500 (not covered by insurance) - Met a friend named Cate, who is transgendered (male to female) - Cate took a while to think about who she is, didn’t transition as fast as Gabby, Gabby jumped right into it - When she talks about her SRS, it makes Cate want to get it more and more - Cate is the only transgendered friend @ school she has Raci - Having financial problems - Hard to get job with her deafness, doesn’t want it to hurt her grades also - She has been on hormones for 3 months, she is starting to develop breasts - Her mom wants her to be happy because life is short - Had a family meeting to help change her, not dress so cheap looking, she needs to cover up more - Mother is worried that she will get killed because people won’t like her - When she doesn’t take hormones she feels depressed - When taking the hormones she feels happy and more emotion - She gets hormones from the street because it is cheaper - Doesn’t want to stop hormones because she is afraid of becoming more masculine - She missed 4 weekly doses of hormones
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- Used to stuff her bra and pants to make her look curvy - She goes out to a trans-friendly club in Hollywood with Apple - She started to get wild, some guy started to touch her but she ran away - She wants to dance for a club, show her boobs - She goes to visit her mom in San Francisco - Her mom is a dental hygienist - Mom and Aunt think she dresses too revealing and cheap - Mom is worried about her going out all the time even though she still gets straight A’s - Her aunt’s name is Edna Lucas - Preparing to start hormones - He started to cut down on smoking, going to therapy, and talking to friends about his transitioning - His parents have been divorced since he was 9 - Lives in Oklahoma - Told his mom about the hormones first because he think she is more caring and understanding - Mother is reading a book about transsexuals to understand more about Lucas - Doesn’t know what to say to others because she use to have a daughter, but now she has a son -
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Social Psychology Study Guide~Exam 2 - Social Psychology...

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