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Dan Wilcox A36447776 1-30-08 Physical Changes 1) Making ice cubes in the freezer (water to ice). 2) Cutting a sheet of paper. 3) Carving a block of wood into a baseball bat. 4) Crashing (and smashing) your car. 5) Sharpening a pencil 6) Making some tasty mashed potatoes 7) Tearing a sheet of aluminum foil 8) Mixing paints to change the color 9) Adding sugar to water (aqueous solution)
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Unformatted text preview: 10) Breaking a glass 11) Inflating a balloon 12) Crushing a rock 13) Spilling Kool-Aid on the carpet (the stain on the carpet) 14) Bending a copper wire 15) Braiding plastic fibers into rope 16) Adding marinara sauce to you spaghetti (creating a mixture) 17) Crushing a pop bottle...
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