Chemical Changes - -reactants combine and form CO2 12...

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Dan Wilcox A36447776 2-6-08 Chemical Changes 1) Burning wood 2) Lighting a firework -various metals burning and releasing gas and sparks 3) Rotting food -decomposition 4) Iron rusting -iron and water vapor = rust 5) An apple browning -decomposition 6) Autumn leaves changing color 7) Corrosive metal 8) Bleaching your hair 9) Frying an egg 10) Lighting a match 11) Vinegar and baking soda volcano
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Unformatted text preview: -reactants combine and form CO2 12) Smoking a cigarette 13) Melting plastic 14) Growing vegetation-sun’s energy into food energy 15) Getting sunburned 16) Milk going sour 17) Fading clothes (due to being worn out in the sunlight) 18) Licking the envelope glue 19) Our sun burning-H + H into He 20) A heavier star burning-He + He into C...
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