10 Ways I do Science on a Daily Basis

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Dan Wilcox A36447776 Due: 1-16-08 10 Ways I do Science on a Daily Basis 1) Baking/cooking goods Even when it’s something as simple as making Ramen I can look at the process as an experiment. How much water should I put in? How long should I boil it? The next time I make Ramen (or repeat the experiment) I take into account my observations from last time and try to make it taste as best as possible. 2) Fixing house hold items I often find myself doing science when I’m trying to fix something. For example if the stereo is on and says that its playing the cd, but no sound is coming out I’ve reached a answer by tackling the problem scientifically. I figured the speakers must be the culprit because the main unit shows music playing. What could cause the speakers from not playing music? An open circuit? Sure enough the stereo wire splice had become botched and after some scissors and electrical tape the speakers played. 3)
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