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Homework Questions for Week 9

Homework Questions for Week 9 - Dan Wilcox A36447776 Due...

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Dan Wilcox A36447776 Due: 3-12-08 Homework Questions for Week 9 1. The heat energy from the water transfers into the air during the shower. Since the air is warmer than the tile, when you step on the tile it absorbs more heat energy from your feet than the already warm air does from you body. This provides for a cold sensation. 2. The cup with the metal spoon in it will be cooler because the spoon is a secondary outlet (the first being air) for the heat energy of the cocoa to transfer into. 3. If the snow had fallen it would have acted as a blanket for the ground. Without it the air can take away heat energy from the ground over time causing it to freeze (especially if this situation happens to be with the sun is “down” for a prolonged period). 4. The snow on the road melts sooner because the sun’s light energy was more readily absorbed into the asphalt (dark) than the cement (light). This makes the asphalt warmer and thus makes the snow flake melt faster.
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