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Name: Dan Wilcox Section: 004 Role: Intertextual Response Due: Electronically by noon the day before the discussion Criteria Points Possible Points Earned Meaningfully connects to one or two other works by author or another author in ways that make it clear the books have been read in their entirety 2.5 Brings all titles to class to share with small group .75 Incorporates article s , review s , or interview s or other media forms of the text 1.25 Makes clear where interviews, articles, reviews are from, when they were conducted, by whom they were conducted, and how they were accessed .5 TOTAL POINTS EARNED: __________/5 Comments:
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Anthony Browne has a very unique writing style. It is not only in his writing, but even more so in his illustrating. Voices in the Park , Into the Forest, and My Dad exemplify his distinctive, straightforward yet surreal technique. Voices in the Park is written through the narratives of four different characters. Each has their own voice and mood. Featuring a snooty, stuck-up mother, her glum son Charles, a depressed, unemployed father, and his optimistic, cheerful daughter Smudge, the book follows each character’s interpretation of a day spent at the park. How each character perceives the day is the basis of the storyline, however it is the pictures that truly bring the reader into the story. Browne’s illustrations are rich and full of detail.
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Wilcox.Voices.004 - Name: Dan Wilcox Section: 004 Role:...

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