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Dan Wilcox 1-23-08 Library/Bookstore Assignment It’s been a very long time since I’ve been in the children’s section of any library or bookstore. It was truly an interesting experience. I must say, right off the bat, I found the library a much more interesting, interactive place to spend time. I visited the children’s literature sections of both the East Lansing Public Library and the Barnes & Noble on Grand River. At the ELPL I found several children (as well as some fellow TEians) taking advantage of what it had to offer. I was quite content with the amount of literature found there. The selection however, I felt could have been more diverse. Nearly all of the books had either white or animal characters. In second place came stories with black characters and in a very distant third were books featuring Asian, Mexican, and other minorities. The library certainly had more diverse literature than B&N. I think that in the library’s case diversity can be attributed to two things: the library can’t control what books are donated to them and they have a limited amount of funding with which to buy more books. B&N has no excuse. They are a corporate giant and the fact that their “diversity” goes as far as MLK in February, a hint of non-
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Library_Bookstore - Dan Wilcox 1-23-08 Library/Bookstore...

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