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Unformatted text preview: Paper Guidelines Psyc101 Spring 08 Your first paper should be approximately 4 pages in length, standard size fonts and margins, please. They should be printed on both sides of the page and are to be turned in during lecture on your due date. Late papers will be accepted, but 10% of the possible total points will be deducted for EACH day your paper is late. Your paper should include: a summary of a peer- reviewed journal article describing original research (include a brief description of the hypothesis, subjects, method, results, and conclusion); a critique of the article (discuss in your own words what you see to be the strengths and weakness of the research); and a brief discussion of how the research is relevant to daily life. In order to make sure you select an article from an appropriate journal, you are required to use an article from the list of approved journals included at the end of this document . Suggested guidelines for how much space to devote to each of the components of your paper: - Summary of the article 2 pages- Critique of the article 1-1.5 pages- Relevance of the research/Summary 0.5-1 page The major factors that will be considered when grading your papers are:...
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  • Spring '08
  • Loeb
  • Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychology Journal, General Behavioral Neuroscience Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology Journal of Abnormal Psychology School Psychology Quarterly Journal of Applied Psychology Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Journal of Family Psychology Psychology, Psychology Quarterly Journal

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paper_grading_guidelines[1][1] - Paper Guidelines Psyc101...

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