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MATH 110 Course Overview Fall 2007 1 Course Overview: The main goal of Math 110 is to ensure your preparation for other courses. However, because there may be topics that you only need to review briefly, and others that need more detailed study, we have designed a course where you can choose to take section tests earlier than the scheduled times, hence either completing the course early or allowing more time for those topics that you find challenging. You will use your computer to access online material on the web designed to accompany your text. It provides complete lesson notes, illustrative examples with step-by-step solutions as well as practice tests with which you can gauge your preparedness for the exams. Along with traditional lectures, instructors and assistants will be available at many regularly scheduled hours throughout the week for individual and small group work. This help takes place in a facility called the Math Port, which is staffed by instructors, graduate assistants, and undergraduate tutors in two locations; for Fall 2007 the Math Port North location is Phillips 228 and the satellite location is Math Port South in Morrison South 174. Currently all sections of Math 110 are taught using this format. The Math Port rooms are reserved exclusively for the use of Math 110 and Math 130 students. Come and visit any time. Mr. Mark McCombs is the course coordinator for Math 110. Math Port North Walk-In Help Hours (PH 228) are as follows: Monday - Thursday, 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. Math Port South Walk-In Help Hours (MM 174) are as follows: Monday - Thursday, 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. Lecture Meetings: Students will attend traditional lecture meetings on Monday and Friday each week throughout the semester. Lecture meetings will last 50 minutes and will be devoted to instructors introducing and explaining course topics via specific examples. Problem Sessions:
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m110overview - MATH 110 Course Overview Fall 2007 Course...

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