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1) a) The causes of burnout can be studied using three perspectives: Physiological - Sleep - Diet - Physical Fatigue Psychological - Guilt - Fear - Jealousy - Frustration Physical - Home - Work b) There are several problems with the online registration system used at Dickerson University which lead to the unnecessary rental of 15 extra terminals: Lists of Closed Sections cannot be updated as often as necessary. Students who want to register in a closed section must be assigned to a special terminal. The computer staff is not trained to handle student problems. The Computer Center’s own terminals cannot be used on the system.
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2) a) If we get the contract for the job, we must be ready by June 1 with all necessary personnel and equipment. A staff meeting for all group managers is scheduled for February 12. b) Once we get the results of the stress test on the 125-Z fiberglass mix, we will have a better idea of our time constraints. If the mix isn’t suitable, a replacement must be tested by the Phase 1 deadline. c) Although we had a frank discussion with Backer’s legal staff, we were unable to discuss the possibility of an out-of-court settlement. However, they gave the impression that they would rather settle out of court. 3) a) Can you send me a figure on the surrender value of policy A4399827 by tomorrow? b) We didn’t get the results we anticipated for the program, so please ask Paul Davis to test it. c) The supervisor is responsible for processing the outgoing mail and maintaining and operating the equipment 4) a) Fewer students have enrolled in our training sessions. b) I recommend the new CAD system, based on recently conducted research. c)
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