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Backcountry Touring Gear

Backcountry Touring Gear - Backcountry Touring Gear...

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Source: http://www.tardis.ed.ac.uk/~ajcd/skiing/telemark.html Source: Akers Ski – Cross Country Specialists Source: Backcountry.com Source: REI.com Source: REI.com Backcountry Touring Gear Originally developed in Nordic countries as a method of transportation, cross-country skiing, which encompasses a collection of skiing styles that utilize free-heeled skiing equipment, is now a popular winter recreational activity enjoyed around the world. Backcountry skiing is one such cross-country skiing style. This technique favors unaltered terrain wherein the skier leaves groomed trails in favor of fresh, unmarked snow. Backcountry touring gear is markedly different from the equipment you would use on a typical groomed trail. The following is a list of all the gear necessary to participate in backcountry skiing. Backcountry Skis When choosing backcountry skis, keep these essential factors in mind: Ski dimensions such as length and width The sidecut of the skis The camber of the skis The flex of the skis
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