Ethics Workshop - Scenario A Due to the controversial...

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Scenario A Due to the controversial context of the marketing initiative, one, depending upon his or her personal or religious beliefs, may indeed opt not to take on the assignment. Rights , one of the four moral standards outlined by ethicist Manuel G. Velasquez, concerns the needs and welfare of the individual, and states that an employee has the right to a safe workplace. If this project, dealing with such contentious topics as smoking and homosexuality, conflicts with an individual’s own personal beliefs, they may choose to work on a part or none of the marketing campaign. If a family member has had tobacco-related cancer, or is a member of the target audience, an employee may need to consider another of the four moral standards, Care , when deciding whether or not to work on the assignment. Care outlines an individual’s relationships with family and friends and how those associations may impact their responsibilities to their workplace and/or community and vice versa. If an employee feels strongly about a relative or friend’s adverse feelings toward a pending assignment, citing care , they may choose not to participate. On the other hand, if they themselves do not have any reservations about the job, they may choose to take it. In essence, responsibility one shows for their family and friends does have an impact on whether or not they will accept a job or not. If an employee identifies himself as a racial, ethnic, or sexual minority, he may be more or less
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Ethics Workshop - Scenario A Due to the controversial...

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