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Experimental Procedures: Part A: Determination of the percent by mass of NaHCO 3 by Titration 1. Obtain approximately 1.00g of baking soda sample, measure and record the mass of the sample on the Data Sheet. 2. Get an 80mL or 100mL beaker. Fill the beaker with 25-30mL of distilled water and add the baking soda sample to the beaker to create a baking soda solution. 3. Obtain a magnetic stir bar, a magnetic stirrer, a 50mL buret, and a ring stand. 4. Assemble the pH electrode and MeasureNet drop counter on the ring stand. 5. Set up the MeasureNet workstation to record a titration curve. a. Press On/Off button to turn on the MeasureNet workstation. b. Press Main Menu , then press F3 pH/mV , then press F2 pH vs. Volume . c. Press Calibrate . Measure the temperature of the buffer solution using a thermometer, enter the temperature into the workstation, then press Enter . d. Enter 7.00 when asked for the pH of the buffer, press Enter . When the pH value stabilizes, press Enter . Press F1 . Press Display . e. Remove the pH electrode from the buffer solution, rinse it with water and wipe it with Kimwipes. 6. Transfer 10-15mL of the baking soda solution to a 140mL beaker. Add water to the 140mL beaker until it covers the tip of the pH electrode (1.5 cm of the tip should be submerged). Place the magnetic stir bar in the beaker. 7. Place the 140mL beaker with baking soda solution onto the magnetic stirrer. Immerse the pH electrode in the baking soda solution. 8. Close the stopcock of the buret and fill it with 50mL of 1.0 M HCl solution. Attach the buret to the ring stand so that the tip of the buret is centered over the “eye” of the drop counter. 9. Titrate the baking soda solution. a. Press Start on the MeasureNet, read the volume of HCl in the buret and record this volume at the workstation, then press Enter . (If the buret was completely filled, enter 0.00mL as initial volume) b. Press Start . Open the stopcock and start adding HCl by drops. Make sure the magnetic stirrer is set on low before adding the HCl. c. When the titration is complete (when the sharp rise in pH begins to level off), close the stopcock and press Stop . d. Read the volume of HCl in the buret and enter the final volume at the workstation. Press Enter . e.
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Experimental ProceduresExp15 - Experimental Procedures Part...

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