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We will be doing Exp 6 this next week. I would print out these notes for use during lab. Below are the notes for this experiment: 1. Be sure to remove magnetic stir bars before disposing of the solutions. 2. The reaction of the powdered metal in part A can last as long as an Hour. The pH may rise only very slowly. 3. Once the pH of the metal/HCl solution has risen 1.2 to 1.3 pH units, the reaction is essentially over. 4. In step 33 (Appendix F), the Unknown metal nitrate solution is titrated with 0.100 M NaOH (which is not specified in the experiment. 5. At the equivalence point, solid cpper(II)hydroxide or iron(III)hydroxide is visible. At the end of the tiration, the addition of excess NaOH dissolves the metal hydroxide precipitate. The formation of the metal hydroxide is a visual indicator of the endpoint of the titration. 6.Cut the large bore pipets to make a scoopula. 7. TO REDUCE WASTES AND CONSERVE TIME YOU WILL WORK IN GROUPS OF 4 THIS TIME WITH TWO MEASURENET STATIONS PER
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