3-3-08 Geography

3-3-08 Geography - ~Diaspora- Migration ~Settlment Pattern-...

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~Diaspora- Migration ~Settlment Pattern- Lesser Antilles Shaped by plantation agricultural and subsistence farming House yards-subsistence, matriarchal, extended families ~Caribbean Cities Since 1960; rural-to-urban migration, 60% urban population Colonial influence in urban structure and architecture READ: “Cityscapes” pp196-97 ~Havana- most important port city in region, natural deep water harbor, 2.2 million people, socialist mode ~Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic Largest Caribbean city, 2.7 million Oldest continually occupied European city in the Americas 1496 World Heritage Site because of Columbus Site of the first cathedral, hospital customs house and university in the Americas ~Empirical examples of Communism Socialist realism: ex, art on billboard Gov’t suppression of religion: cathedral used as museum Gov’t apartments: adequate? “Drains your soul” Standard of living: modest, stuck in 1950’s “tourist apartheid” fear of ideas Apartheid- gov’t required separation of racial or ethnic groups ~Barbuda Guest Lecture Decendents of African slaves Fear “colonialism” from own gov’t in Antigua Common property Religion important Sand mining
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3-3-08 Geography - ~Diaspora- Migration ~Settlment Pattern-...

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