test2 - 3.05.08 Geography 1001 Patzewich's Guest lecture...

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3.05.08 Geography 1001 Patzewich’s Guest lecture summaries: Cuba guest lecture -Empirical examples of communism Socialist realism: ex, art on billboard Gov’t suppression of religion: cathedral used as museum Gov’t apts: adequate (?), but “they drain your soul” Std of living: modest, stuck in 1950’s “tourist apartheid:” fear of ideas Barbuda and Antigua Guest lecture Descendants of African slaves Fear “colonialism” from own gov’t in Antigua Common property Religion important Sand mining Chain and circular migration. Colonialism establishes preferred migration pathways. Geopolitical framework -European colonialism for rum, sugar, spice production Spanish French English Dutch Neocolonialism: Economic and political influence over weaker states U.S Presence in Caribbean
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-Monroe Doctrine, 1823: US won’t allow European military in Western Hemisphere. US opposed to colonialism -“American Backyard” after Spanish-American war in 1898 -US Virgin Islands: purchased from Danish in 1917 Cuba -Independence from Spain in 1898 as result of US victory in Spanish-American war -Cuban Revolution in 1950’s -Marxists Fidel Castro and his brother Raul led revolution, dictators -Che Guevara, violent revolutionary -Allied with Communist USSR, now with Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela Banking -Dates to 1920’s: the Bahamas’s world’s 3 rd largest banking center in 1976, now 15 th -Cayman Islands, regional leader in financial services in 1990’s, 5 th largest in world in 2003 -Popular because tax-exempt and confidential -now, more scrutiny because of global terrorism Online gambling
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test2 - 3.05.08 Geography 1001 Patzewich's Guest lecture...

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