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Michael Glamore September 15, 2005 Chemical Kinetics: The Iodine Clock Reaction Britany Held
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Purpose: This experiment is designed with the purpose of bringing students closer to the understanding of Formulas Needed for experimentation: Density = unit mass / unit volume Standard Deviation = (the sum of each result – the mean) / Number of results Percent Error = The absolute value of: (The accepted value – mean value) / (accepted value) x 100 Observations This experiment consists of three different and clearly defined parts: Water testing: Trial # Volume (ml) Mass (g) Density (g/ml) % Accepted Value 1 12 11.847 0.98 98 2 10.00 9.947 0.9947 99.47 3 10.00 9.947 0.9947 99.47 Mean: .9898 (g/ml) Standard Deviation: .008487 Percent Error: 1.02 % Conclusion – The pipettes seem to work much better and are able to deliver a much more accurate measurement of 10.00 in order to attain 4 significant digits in the final answer. Ultimately, the number of times that the experiment have been conducted
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This lab report was uploaded on 09/18/2007 for the course CHEM 2080 taught by Professor Davis,f during the Spring '07 term at Cornell.

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Mike-Chemistry-Lab-DensityofLiquids - Michael Glamore...

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