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P1 List Review - Functions of management Controlling...

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Functions of management Controlling Leading Organizing Planning Phases of the product life cycle Decline Growth Maturity Introduction Development Stages of the career development process Confusion Crystallization Exploration Implementation Specification Functional areas of business Finance Marketing Operations Sources of technology and innovation Acquisition Contract out Joint-ventures Total quality management Benchmarking Continuous improvement Employee empowerment Just-in-time Specification Types of Organizational Culture ?????? Members of the supply chain Suppliers Manufacturers Wholesalers Retailers
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Consumers Pricing Strategies Skimming Penetration EDLP (Everyday low price) High-low Cost leadership Board of directors - Elect Officers Employees - Perform to contract expectations Managers - Supervise Employees Officers - Set corporate objectives and select managers Stockholders / owners - Elect board of directors First Kondratieff cycle-Cotton Second Kondratieff cycle-Coal Third Kondratieff cycle-Electricity
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P1 List Review - Functions of management Controlling...

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