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Chapter 6, Groups and Organizations, is assigned as a self directed chapter. Please read in its entirety. A) Answer any two (2) of the following questions. Both are worth 10 points each and will be counted toward your next exam. Responses are due the night of the next exam B) Select a third as a companion point question. It is also worth 10 points 1. See Cooley’s “looking-glass self’ in Chapter 4. Explain why ‘primary group’ is a related concept. 2. An important change taking place in the modern world, accompanying the shift from farming to industry and the growth of the modern city: people are spending more time in secondary groups and are having less involvement in primary groups. As a
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Unformatted text preview: result, there also appears to be a corresponding move away from ascribed to achieved statuses. Discuss these changes in terms of possible consequences on the importance of family and other primary groups. What do you see as an effect on people’s lives in terms of their interactions and their abilities to form new primary groups? 3. What functions would primary groups, secondary groups, in-groups, out-groups, and reference groups serve for in a formal organization. What dysfunctions m ight occur as a result of the presence of each? 4. Weber points out five characteristics of a bureaucracy. How m ight these characteristics be A) a function and B) a dysfunction?...
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