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Gymnosperms- naked seeds (most primitive) 1. reproduce by cones – scales with individual seeds 2. seeds have no true fruit around them (the fleshy aril is not part of the ovary) 3. the nutritive tissue is haploid tissue 4. the xylem is more primitive (tracheids) 5. all woody plants Division: Pinophyta Subdivision: Cycadiacae Class: Cycadatae Family: Cycadaceae Characteristics: Palm-tree with a huge cone Family: Zamiadaceae Subdivision: Pinicae Class: Ginkgotae Family: Ginkgoaceae Characteristics: fish-tail looking leaves with dichotomous venation, dioecious (male and female are separate), used as a blood stimulant and for short term memory. CONIFERS: true cone bearing plants with needle like leaves, largest plants on Earth Subdivision: Pinicae Class: Pinatae Family: Arauariaceae (monkey-puzzle tree) Family: Cupressaceae (Cypress) Genus: juniperus (juniper) –loves limestone Juniperus virginiana- cedar chests, etc. (natural moth repellant) Genus: Cupressus sempervirens- cemetery tree Genus: Thuja- fence posts and roofing in the old days aka arborvitae (vitamin C)
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Unformatted text preview: Genus: metasequoia glyptostrobioides- dawn redwood Genus Sequoiadendron giganteum- big tree, widest, fattest (general Sherman) Genus: taxodium distichum- Bald Cypress Characteristics: Contain a berry-like fruit Family: Pinaceae (Pine) Genus Abies- firs Genus cedrus- cedar Genus picea- spruce Genus pinus- pine Genus pseudotsuga menziessii- Douglas fir (HUGE) Genus tsuga- hemlock Characteristics: Leaves are needle-like and born in fascicles, used for lumber, furniture, ornamentals Family Taxaceae (Yew) Genus taxol- cancer medication Genus torreya- nutmeg Characteristics: Grows in N. California, an ornamental shrub Subdivision: Gnetical Class: Gnetatea Family: Ephedraceae (Ephedra, Ma Huang, Mormon Tea) Genus: Ephedra Characteristics: Grown in china, N America, S America, Mexico and Eurasia, xylem vessels are present. Family Welwitshiaceae Genus: Welsitschia- pair of leaves emerge from a huge taproot...
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