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Pteridophytes- Ferns and Fern Allies Characteristics: Reproduce by spores (sporangea), need water to reproduce Division: Psilotophyta Family: Psilotaceae (whisk fern) Genus: Psilotum Characteristics: Most primitive, still existing plants today (florida and Alabama), dichotomous branches with bracts Division: Microphllophyta (club moss) Family: Lycopodiaceae Genus: Lycopodium Characteristics: Lack vascular tissues, reproduce by spores concentrated on the ends, bracts+ sporangea= strobilus, lots of our coal deposits come from club moss. Family Selaginellaceae (Spike Moss) Genus: Selaginella Lepidophylla (resurrection plant) Family: Isöetaceae (Quillworts) Genus: Isöetes Characteristics: Baby onions, grass-like Division Arthrophyta Family: Equisetaceae (Horsetails, Scouring Rushes) Genus: Equistetum Characteristics: Scale-like leaves, silica-stemmed Division: Polypodiophyta Family: Ophioglossaceae (Adder’s tongue, grape fern, moonworts, snake tongue) Genus: Ophioglossum Characteristics: Leaves are fernlike, generally really small
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