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11.14.06 Exp. 5 Determination of Iron in Vitamin Tablets by UV-Visible Spectroscopy Objectives: The purpose of this experiment was to become familiar with another form of spectroscopy: absorption by preparing solutions of an unknown iron amount in a vitamin and passing it through a spectrometer to measure the transmittance and calculate the absorbance from this information. Objectives also included: mastering the ability to prepare a dilute solution from a powdered tablet, understanding and demonstrating proper technique using the Spectronic 20, and demonstrating the ability to work in the lab quickly, efficiently, and safely with a partner. Procedure: All of these objectives were accomplished by following the lab procedure. A summary follows. A vitamin sample was crushed and dissolved with HCl in the fume hood and boiled for 15 minutes, then filtered, cooled, and diluted in a volumetric flask. 5 mL of this solution was transferred via pipet to a 100 mL volumetric flask and 1mL of hydroxylamine , 10 mL of NaOAc, and 10 mL of 1,10
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