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religion 110 paper

religion 110 paper - Ellyn Velasco Dr Glazier-McDowell REL...

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Ellyn Velasco Dr. Glazier-McDowell REL 110 November 16, 2007 A Discussion between Job and Qoheleth Job : Okay, Qoheleth. Let’s begin this interview. If you are going to be applying to be my aide as Assistant Advisor to the Oppressed, I think we should get acquainted with each other. So please, tell me about yourself. Qoheleth : Well, I am from Babylon and I worship Yahweh just like you do. On Earth, I was a court official and had a wife and a child. I suffered from various illnesses, which caused me to be in pain my entire life. However, the pain that you suffered was much more severe. Job : Oh, so you’ve done research on me? Well done. I’ll tell you about myself, though. There’s no telling what all those earthly scholars say about me. I, too, was in a high position in the government. Yahweh blessed me with an immensely grand wealth. A large, fertile piece of property, thousands of livestock, and a vast amount of servants were at my disposal. God also provided me with a wife who bore me seven sons and three daughters. I was “the greatest man among all the people in the East” (Job 1:3). I was blameless in the sight of God and avoided doing evil. I worshipped God and God alone, never questioning His actions. Qoheleth : I did the same thing. Job : That’s very good to hear, Qoheleth. Now let’s move on. It says here on your resume under “Experiences with God” that you experienced subjugation to the
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Babylonians because Yahweh allowed them to conquer Israel. You call this suffering? Please, enlighten me. Qoheleth : Yes, sir. Well, while I was court official in Babylon, the rest of Israel was suffering under slavery, being forced to live in foreign lands, and ultimately, not being united. It is a mystery to me that Yahweh would allow this to happen. Does He not love Israel? Did He not choose us? Why would He ever allow this to happen? All of these questions were running through my head as time passed and we continued to suffer. Job : I completely relate to you, Qoheleth. When the satan allowed the Sabeans to steal all my oxen and donkeys, my sheep to be killed by the fire of God, the Chaldeans to steal my camels, my servants to be killed, and my house and children to be terminated, I
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religion 110 paper - Ellyn Velasco Dr Glazier-McDowell REL...

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