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ISS 215 Exam 2 Review Outline Lecture - Know the differences between the types of economic systems/types of states: welfare state, capitalist state, socialist state—examples, characteristics of each - Effects of globalization on U.S. economy - Causes of the emergence of political institutions - Pay close attention to people in your notes—I can think of at least 4 - Institutions—what they are, what do they promote, what are they responsible for - Who remembers a story about 2 people applying for a job? - What did we say about people thinking they need things they don’t need? - Videos in class (2) - Stories (3) - Looking Glass Theory - Conflict Perspective o Example: How someone would see institutions if they were looking at them from the conflict perspective o Remember this is sort of a repeat of things you learned in the last unit! It might not hurt to review your old conflict perspective notes and refresh
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Unformatted text preview: -Classes/differential access to things Assignments 2 and 3-Same as last time as far as the types of information you need to know o ¾ of them are specific names, ¼ of them involves general information Course Pack-Know Census information o How things like population, ethnic proportions change o City level and state level Book—Gilbert-I would know the ten principles of ranking (generally)-Chapter 1: 2questions—Marx/Weber-Chapter 2: 2 questions—Social ranking-Chapter 4: 2 questions— Family Structure / Who works, what kind of work-Chapter 5: 2 questions—Mate selection / Social class Book—Marger -Chapter 9: 1 question—(class lecture from Monday) / Ethnic composition of U.S.-Chapter 10: 2 questions—Ethnic stratification-Chapter 13: 1 question—Institutions, ideology, and socialization...
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