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4- Finished board 1

4- Finished board 1 - atewa to Tomorrow Your one stop...

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Unformatted text preview: atewa to Tomorrow Your one stop Aeroshop By using our multimodal building you not only get from point A to point B, but you get a feeling of the Frederick community. The building provides community involvement by incorporating art shows, local stores, and a concert center for the enjoyment of the riders. Problem . mm" Tfl: sifls FrederiCk // I Commute 5:53? my???“ ”a” County down I-ZTU Entitsrguostate Ergflgfit 2132.515 Resident ( M_' E1 Work in ‘Elifl’flfli Eéiifliii“ “ii” Commuting hf“ Frederick was: man... “W Patterns CW? Exlt E11! 15MB 11B 115:1?! :l..'1ir Mfldlotl'oolt fiennanloimi Eiiit 15IMD 113 Exit tfiflu'ltil? 195915 kilns Road Eidt lfifMfl 1? Eflt 1WD 12‘]. 33.615 meg-ed deer-Asked _ 0 Frederick, MD Eitit lflflu‘lfl 111 Efltflfl-I'ID 1E5 31.515 emu: am mum to Baltimore, MD morn: ryffiflmitlt Exit iflMD 101 EitltififM DEE $1.515 Hfa'flflfl'iiifl Ullflfli mama: tatsomoso altswoss ass-:5 . Washington, DC UI'HI'III HM! itiin Hath-lid: E illt BHME $5 Eilit 31! l-illl LILS. 31.425 time ltil n Hindi-Sal] Loca tion Convenient from I-270 Frederick is the third largest city in Maryland and . 4 J - growing; the multimodal site will produce a positive impact on the surrounding communities and businesses Historic Frederick is a five minute bus ride from the site. The location is convenient for families, visitors, and business people to get where they need to go without a car. .Irl' Process Nea communities and businesses One of the main obstacles that we overcame was choosing the main mode of _ _ , transportation. We considered the price, energy efficiency, speed, community COSTS (bf-"I'd‘ng and aerorail} support, and mechanical structure of each candidate. The candidates we considered: 525'” "““10” per "“19 Maglev Train Subway Train Aerobus AeroRai l Transportation Moria Cost Comparison 'i'liti.-. . . HM 50 W 15!! 1M 5D I! Millions of Dollars For Mile of Traoli m “hung;- W mm Through research of the existing Transit Services of Frederick County, we were able “WWW“, Ham ”9,“ “am," to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the efficient system. Creating a new Wanflmf: system that met these missing standards, we modified our design and produced a more user-friendly system. Frederick Chapter Board 1 ...
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