Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 Guided Review I How Do Former...

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Chapter 15: Guided Review I. How Do Former Special Education Students Fare as Adults? A. Completing High School Special education students who do not complete school are more likely to have lower levels of employment and higher rates of problems with the criminal justice system B. Employment Status Data from NLTS show an unemployment rate of 46% for all youth with disabilities who have been out of school less than 2 years; then drops to 36.5% when they have been out of school 3-5 years C. Postsecondary Education 27% of young adults with disabilities are enrolled in postsecondary education programs within 3-5 years after leaving school compared with 68% of the general population. D. Overall Adjustment and Success After being out of high school for 3 to 5 years, only 37% of youth with disabilities were living independently, compared with 60% of the general population. I. Transition Services and Models A. Will’s Bridges Model of School-to-Work Transition B. Halpern’s Three-dimensional Model C. Definition of Transition Services in IDEA outcome oriented process; based upon individual needs; includes instruction, related services, community experiences, the development of employment and other post-school adult living objectives D. Individualized Transition Plan When a student reaches age 14, IDEA requires the IEP team to
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Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 Guided Review I How Do Former...

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