Feb. 5th Notes - Socio-Psychological Tradition Cybernetic...

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Feb. 5 th Communication 101 Goals for Theory: Scientific Inquiry Explanation Develop Hypotheses Prediction Organization/ Simplification Implementation Goals for Theory: Humanistic Inquiry Insight Clarification of Values Elegance/ Articulation Acceptance Reform Areas of Communication Research Rhetorical Theory and Criticism Argumentation Interpersonal Relational Communication Small group Organizational Communication Media Studies Political Communication Public relation Intercultural comm. Family comm. Health comm. Conflict Management Nonverbal comm. Communication Technology Communication Research is…. A constant process Focused on message Components Theory Method Results Discussion
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Sub-Categories of Communication Research
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Unformatted text preview: Socio-Psychological Tradition Cybernetic Tradition Semiotic Tradition Socio-cultural Tradition Rhetorical Tradition The Rhetorical Tradition Rhetoric Intentional Strategic Functions of Rhetoric Inform Persuade Celebrate Rhetorical Criticism Criticism : illuminates and evaluates products of human activity Rhetorical Criticism : critique of the products of strategic human efforts to persuade through the use of symbols Ethical Principles The Golden Mean The Categorical Imperative Utilitarianism Justice and the Veil of Ignorance Ethical Issues in Communication Lying and Misrepresentation Right to Privacy Whistle blowing Leaks...
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Feb. 5th Notes - Socio-Psychological Tradition Cybernetic...

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