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Body Image Paper - Introduction Body image is commonly...

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Introduction Body image is commonly known as a woman’s problem, but within our changing society men are also beginning to join the fight for perfection. Men are encouraged to become stronger, leaner, and buffer. This pressure is overwhelming, and can cause any man to become self- conscious. Even young boys are starting to stress about their appearance, which can turn deadly if taken too far. For my comparison/contrast analysis, I have chosen two articles that deal with this issue, “Men Struggling with Weight and Appearance” and “Restoring Self-Esteem in Adolescent Males”. These articles share the common goal of informing the public of the increasing problem men are enduring with body image. Target Audience The article, “Men Struggling with Weight and Appearance” targets the common man. The article intends to trigger an awareness of men’s problems with body image. Men are less likely to admit a problem with body image and this article allows the men readers to realize they are not alone. The audience is every man or boy struggling with their own bodies, as well as women who know men than endure problems with body image. Within the article, a book is mentioned that is designed to change the public’s view of body image issues. In our society body image is usually only associated with women, the book that the article mentions has a goal of “helping men and their families understand and effectively deal with weight”. This statement proves that the article is intended to reach out to men and their families to help in the fight of dealing with weight and improving men’s self image. The article, “Restoring Self-Esteem in Adolescent Males”, targets a whole different audience. This article targets mothers and caregivers to be aware of signs of low self-esteem so they can improve their children’s development. Instead of projecting onto the boy with the problem, it is intended to help mother’s help their children and increase the mother’s knowledge of the issue. Instead of targeting the
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Body Image Paper - Introduction Body image is commonly...

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