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Walker Questions

Walker Questions - On Being Female Black and Free 1 On page...

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On Being Female, Black, and Free 1. On page 6, Walker states “no black individual lives in an atmosphere of freedom”, what was she trying to say? What ways is defining freedom if these individuals are not actually free? 2. Walker states that white and black professors have a hard time communicating with black youth. How might this be solved and who then would these young black students respect and listen too? 3. Besides being separate by race, what were the differences in the faith and beliefs of Southern Baptist Convention and Missionary Baptist Churches? 4. Why did Jubilee receive such bad reviews from male African Americas? Why were their more black males criticizing the book than white males? 5. When Walker refers to Du Bois on page 66, she states “black American culture is African and it’s American”, what does this mean and how can it be both? 6. What was Walker trying to imply when she wrote, “We must turn the pages of the twentieth century before we can assess how far we have come” on page 85? Is the
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