Nomination and Campaigns

Nomination and Campaigns - Political Parties Functions...

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Political Parties Functions/ tasks of political parties in the US: Recruiting candidates to run all levels of government, organizing and running elections, presenting alternative policies to the electorate, operating government in all levels, providing organized opposition to the party in power. Ticket splitting: Voting with one party for one office and with another party for anther offices, it has become the norm of American voting. Coalition: A group of individuals with a common interest upon which every political depends. Part identification: trends party loyalty People are moving towards independent. Membership in political party: American parties do not required dues or membership cards to distinguish members from nonmembers. Organizational chart of an American political party: top: national committee and national convention of the party, the state organization at the middle, and thousands of local party organization at the bottom. Relationship between part promises and part performance: President relies less on party identification in office more on their performance through the media. Promises are hardly kept but many are also kept. Close primary: elections to select party nominees in which only people who have registered in advance with the party can vote for that party’s candidates, thus encouraging greater party loyalty. 1828 election: significance of Jackson’s election/ party Created the Whig party who were brought together more by the Democratic policies they opposed than by their issues they agree on. Martin Van Buren, he argued that a governing party needed a loyal opposition to present parts of society that could not. Republican Party in the late 1850’s and the election of Lincoln: issue is slavery dominated American politics and split both the Whig and democrat. The republicans rose in the late 1950s as the antislavery party, and to ignite the Civil war. Republicans is a dirty world in the old south. Party/ political machine: A type of political party organization that relies heavily on material inducements, such as patronage, to win votes and to govern. Patronage is one of the most important inducements used by machines. Patronage jobs are given for political reasons rather than for merit or competence alone. Urban party organizations are no longer very active as a rule. There has been a revitalization of party organization at the county level. Party dealignment:
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Nomination and Campaigns - Political Parties Functions...

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